340 Years of History

Otokoyama has a long history and tradition, it has represented Japan with a "superior sake" since the Edo period. It threads deeply through the culture and history of Japan, and was the drink of choice of the Tokugawa Shogun family. Our sake is popular in all over Japan! A famous Ukiyoe artist, Utamaro, was so fond of Otokoyama sake that he painted Otokoyama sake in his works.

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Kitagawa Utamaro
"one of the best selection of sake"

Ukiyoe master Utamaro enjoyed drinking Otokoyama and used it as a theme in some of his works.

Kitagawa Utamaro
"Lesson of parents"

Utagawa Kuniyoshi(1797-1861)
"Legend has that samurai drank Otokoyama after battle to celebrate victory"

Utagawa Kuniyoshi(1797-1861)
"Musashi in Dainippon Rokuju Yoshu"

Kikukawa Eizan(1787-1867)
"The beauty of refined elegance and famous sake"

Utagawa Kunisada "Banzuin Chobei of the Kabuki"